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Getting Results in Rental Properties
Building owners: Get control of the energy usage at your investment properties!!! Effective Home Solutions has weatherized dozens of rentals in 1-4 unit buildings.  We are curteous to your tennants, even coordinating around their schedules if necessary.  Maximize your profit by minimizing your utility bills.  Here are some samples of multi-unit building upgrades.  
This is a shot of the attic in a building that had serious mold/rot issues.  Nobody could figure out why until we came in.  The silvery image in the center of the photo is a bath fan vent that terminated into the attic, dumping gallons of moisture into the space.
We connected the vent hose to solid wall PVC piping and routed it to the soffit area.  Problem solved.
There was a pretty significant gap around the chimney at a 2 unit in Hampden.  The builder maintained proper fire clearance but the void was only filled with fiberglass.  Batt insulation slows the flow of air...
...but metal flashing stops it completely.  Fire rated caulking was used to seal the seams in close proximity to the chimney.